Questions of the day:

- Time for a Humanitarian Intervention in Venezuela? Political ad Violent Repression, Economic Collapse, Starvation, Massive Protests and More. Worse Than Cuba. Time foe the US and Western World to Intervene and Remove the Government?

- Time to Lock Up Parents Whom Do Not Vaccinate Their Children? Enough of Putting Developed Nations Public Health At Risk. Time for Severe Punishments for Parents Whom Do Not Vaccinate Their Children. (Lack of MMR Vaccinations Compliance in the Minneapolis Area Amongst Immigrant Community Causes Measles Outbreak, Should Not Happen in the USA...) 

- Junker Goes Crazy; Shows His Ignorant and Alcoholic Nature, Insults the UK Twice in as Many Days... Claims English is a Declining Language... Yet in Reality it is Europe (the EU)  and French That is I Decline... How is This Productive and How Will It Help Either Side in Negotiations...?