En kommentar från Jens Stilhoff-Sorensen angående Trumps uttalanden om Sverige; "Sverige drivs som ett varumärke av svenska politiker, dvs det blir direkt panik reaktion hos svenska politiker när landet framhålls som ett varnande exempel. Att ge en positiv bild av varumärket Sverige (och dess politiska system) är betydligt viktigare än att diskutera verkligheten "

Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves. (R. Reagan)

The opinions herewith are my own, they are presented raw and unfiltered, meant to stir discussion and debate. They are not meant to sooth your feelings nor provide a safety space to “snowflakes”. I will attempt a modicum of civility – as all people should – but I will not try to keep your safe or protected from opinions that might offend you. Please enjoy what I think are only sensible and innocuous political statements. 

This stated, I will note that unfortunately, in my humble opinion, Sweden has degenerated into what is almost a third world nation, one that is not only bereft of law and order (police solve some 14% of reported crime) and that has degenerated in terms of social and academic structure. Does no one in Sweden think any longer? Does anyone take it upon themselves to view things objectively? Does anyone care about the truth? (Swedish media does not…) The answers to all these questions seems to be no. Yet Swedish people, for all their talent and brains, seem to be locked into a false reality, whereby keeping the narrative alive is more important than viewing reality. To Sweden and its people: You are fools, your/our country is disintegrating and you are doing nothing about it. Kindly try to wake up. (But I guess perhaps, that if all are equally delusional no one knows how bad it is in an isolated place?) 

I talk about these things not only from a social perspective – and as a social scientist – but also from an economic and technological perspective. Did you ever compare the poor state of technical development in Europe (case in point the mobile phone/data network) to the USA? OMG Europe is the stone age by comparison. You can see the same in logistics, air transport, software, services, banking, etc. Sure, Europe has many good sides, but keeping pace with the US in development it is not. Add to that the US’s upper education system and it adds or seals the future prospects further in the US favor.. 

I do not say this to be spiteful or mean, rather I simply point out the truth. I say this because I love Sweden and I want it to be great. Politicians and people however have their heads so far up their arses that they can no longer, think, see or act straight, or even act in their best interests. What led you fools to be so blind? So lacking on foresight? 

While the real evil is the very idea or ideology of Socialism – and thus in Sweden’s case really the social democratic movement and policies – other ideologies have started to prove even more damaging. Such as those espoused by the Green Party (never mind the left/communist party that I need not even mention). In some ways, the Greens are even worse than the Social Democrats as they are outright anti-development and anti-progress… Never mind their fondness for Muslim extremists… Frankly, while one should never condone an attack on the state, nor a crime, Sweden should be grateful that Olof Palme was removed from office, under however unfortunate the circumstances. But I guess that is what double dealing gets you? The same rings true today, all the political parties, even the right of center ones, make false, misleading promises, and even worse they are part of the same false and disingenuous narrative. They all lie and it is about power, not about peoples’ best interest. This is simply wrong and it must be defeated. Sure policy is never simple, but it must be created from honest and true foundations and not foundations built on lies and deceit. 

In the early 1990’s, after the bank/financial crash of the late 1980’s, Sweden elected, for the first time in many years, a conservative government. This was led by a relative, Carl Bildt, seen at the time as a hero, for both political, social and economic reform. His government, in 3 brief years did good things. They however, never finished anything, and the subsequent socialist government was, unfortunately, able to roll back many of the very sensible reforms. But nonetheless it was an opening for Sweden to move on to become a quasi-real capitalist economy, at least within some segments of the economy. It was an irreversible move in the right direction, even if it did not go far enough. (Shows you how close to the former Soviet Block that Sweden really was historically…) 

Later right of center governments (after another decade of socialist crap), however, were led by a coward and ultra liberal named Reinfledt, whom not only thought unmitigated and uncontrolled immigration in enormous numbers was “feasible and cute”. But he also did nothing to make the business environment any better (still one of the worst tax and regulatory environments in the world for business). This only served to ensure that Sweden fell ever further behind in the development curve.

The party of Carl Bildt, whom instigated reforms, has gone from right to liberal mulit-kulti left. Carl himself seems to support this, as well as mass social distress and immigration, with all its well documented criminal and social problems. He now only opinionates in left wing papers and has basically been declared not politically welcome in the most important capital in the world – Washington DC. Talk about Carl going from Hero to Zero!

In short, Sweden needs urgent and rapid reform of both its proportional electoral system (not democratic) and its taxation system. More on this in subsequent pages.*

Moreover, it needs an urgent rethink of its immigration policies and an immediate stop to all immigration for a period of at least two (2) years. Enough is enough and there are many social and criminal problems that society refuses to discuss. Liberals seemingly put blinders on and refuse to see any bad… How do they live with themselves? I love my native country, and I want o to safeguard it, but I guess they want to destroy it?

In addition, “relatives” immigration needs to stop – meaning, immigrants should no longer be able to bring their [distant] relatives to Sweden as a matter of inherent right. 

Sweden also needs police reform, it needs to get though on crime, it needs to be able expel immigrants that commit crimes, etc. It needs to solve serious crimes – indeed it should strive to solve all crime. Currently there are no go areas (no joke) and the police resolves some 14% of reported crimes. This is a joke, indeed Sweden is a laughing stock amongst developed nations. Does Sweden not realize what a laughingstock of the international community it is? Does it not see the very visible problems? These figures, as well as Sweden’s economic figures is below that on most third world nations! Frankly, it is a disgrace. I am ashamed. We (Sweden) is lost in a downward spiral of shit. (Pardon my expression.) 

Defense; wow here is another disaster. We cannot defend our own nation, we cannot even make airborne enough fighters jets to defend even the capitol Stockholm, against a Russian (mock) attack with 3three jets. What is this? We are down to less than 100 air able fighter jets, never mind the inventory only has some 80 air to air missiles! A complete disaster. Sweden’s army is – well not what it used to be. The navy has a few surface combatants, but none are full multi-theater capable and none are equipped for a prolonged confrontation. Underwater combatants – not much better. Never mind that the entire West Coast is pretty much entirely undefended.

Sweden could hold out – maybe realistically – for 3-5 days if faced with a full scale attack. Sorry, but that is not good enough. The fact that an asymmetrical attack could most likely not be countered at all is even worse! Morover, Russian intel has the name and home address of most of Sweden pilots and SOF forces (thanks to Sweden’s idiotic laws and naiveite) and might kill them in advance… Is this simply stupidity or is it treason by the politicians? 

Back in the 1980’s Sweden has some 1,000 combat jets. Today it has less than 80. Wow! Even at a kill ratio of say 10 to 1 (in Sweden’s favor) (assuming it had missiles) Russia could still defeat Sweden with their assets already in the Baltic region, in a few days. This is an utter and complete failure and it is treasonous to the nation and its people. I am not the first to write about it, but nothing seems to change…

So what to do; well first of all allocate more funds for the military (according to their spending needs and not just GDP). To make up for this expense firstly increase economic activity by cutting corporate and personal income taxes (cut VAT as well as it is regressive and hurts poor people the most), but also more immediately to free up funds, cut social welfare benefits (over say a 5 year period) by some 80%, as well as any and all benefits to immigrants (give them a Swedish class, a work permit and require them to learn Swedish and get a job if they want to stay, other than that they should be on their own). Surely, this will not be simple, easy or popular, but the Swedish population need to realize they need to weed themselves off the breast of the government, and that they need to learn to support themselves. 

Government exists not to support you, only to create the circumstances for you, to allow you, to help yourself. Government shall not stand in your way with regulation nor taxes. Government should provide free rain and a free rather unregulated marketplace, for you to do and conduct business as you please. This as long as you do not impose on others. This is where the very idea of Sweden, Scandinavian and EU politics has failed. If Europe is to survive, this needs to change, and fast. I am not the first to say it, but we are at an inflection point and we have no choice. At this stage it is swim or die. The ship is already sinking and the rats are jumping… The EU as we know it today is doomed. Does Sweden want to sink or swim? It is time to let Junker, Carl Bildt and the other failed liberals in their salons go off to pasture in some resort, never to be heard from again. We need new Swedish, and European, leadership, that understands the realities of economics, politics and international relations - in a current context and that also understanding of the hurt and the suffering the failed policies of the past that have brought so much suffering to people across Sweden and Europe.

Enjoy some details on subsequent pages. Added as time permits. God Bless, Stay Strong, and may the Good People Save Europe. 


- Finally; people lie - especially the media... The public however, also has a responsibility to think critically and to view things with skepticism.