First a question, has the old Swedish champion of reform become a socialist? 

Carl Bildt from Hero to Zero in only a few years. In fact he now basically only comments in, or only seemingly writes for, left wing outlets. Anyhow, he is smart but what happened? Left wing foreign policy, PC opinions on immigration... How much of a disappointment is this man now not?  What happened to the good old conservative reform opinions he once expressed? Now its him and the alcoholic Junker, as spokesmen team EU BS.....

You can even listen to some real liberal BS here:

Also, he has claimed he is no related to me, he is even if distantly, further, he has claimed he does not know me. Well this is simply not true. In fact we have been to many a meetings, congresses and track 1,5 and track 2 diplomatic meetings together. Be that in Singapore, Geneva, Oslo, etc. We have also contracted for the same intel. firms in London... Moreover, I and my former spouse, introduced Carl to several senior Japanese politicians and dignitaries at these meetings or gatherings. Pictures do of course exist. Here is one, with Carl and my former boss in Japan, Ichita, after they were introduced in Oslo. (Never mind the family gatherings we both have attended.)

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